Our Team

Meet the Stirling Promotions Team

Stirling Innis

President & Co-Founder

Sandi Fallowfield

Vice President & Co-Founder

Melissa Innis

Human Resource Manager

Susan Black

Graphic Artist

Ty Holman

Screen Printing Production Manager

Cecilia Blackerby

Embroidery Manager

Linda Bartram

Customer Service Manager

Cindy Green

Office Manager

Brandon Fallings

Screen Printing Production

CJ Raynor

Screen Printing Assistant

Samson Khohkar

Embroidery Production

Nalerie Nolan

District Manager for CKK Shirts

Chris Anderson

Graphic Lead for CKK Shirts

Takia O’kelley

Graphic Lead for CKK Shirts

Alissa Eaves

Graphic Designer for CKK Shirts

Dorienne Thompson

Graphic Designer for CKK Shirts

Caden Innis

Screen Printing Assistant – Future Hall of Fame Gamer

Kaleigh Innis

Future President of Stirling Promotions

Kinsley Innis

Future Vice President of Stirling Promotions